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            Services and Support Offerings

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            Extended innovation and maintenance commitments for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite 7

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            Essential Business Services from SAP

            With essential business services and our off-site service delivery framework, customers receive delivery and installation of SAP services from an off-site location rather than on-site.

            Innovation Services and Solutions

            Differentiate your business and make innovation real with intelligent, next-generation software innovations that are hyper-personalized to your exact business needs.

            Advisory Services

            Get?the guidance you need to take the best path toward digital transformation,?cloud adoption, and sustainable innovation.

            Implementation Services

            Accelerate?the implementation, migration, and adoption of SAP solutions with a combination?of unique expertise and best practices.

            Cloud Services

            Create?value for your organization and customers with the promise of speed,?innovation, flexibility, elasticity, and simplicity.

            Support Services

            Move?on-premise solutions to the cloud with guided support plans – helping your business?adapt and ensure high-performing solutions.

            Premium Success Engagements

            Support?your implementation with packaged services and support to co-innovate with SAP?and create ground-breaking business models.

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            Innovation and Transformation Newsletter

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            Keep up to date with the latest information and insights?from SAP?services and support, including:?

            • Useful services and tools
            • Customer testimonials and references
            • Support and maintenance-related offerings
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